CM Chemiemetall GmbH

CM CHEMIEMETALL stands for the highest perfection in metallurgical powders in Europe. Centrally situated in Germany, we promptly deliver precision, top-quality, made-to-measure molybdenum powders to our European customers’ doorstep.

We are proud to draw on more than 40 years of leading engineering know-how and production experience brought to CM CHEMIEMETALL by a long tradition and a highly proficient team of metallurgical experts.

As a subsidiary of Molymet Group, world market leader in molybdenum and rhenium for many decades, CM CHEMIEMETALL enjoys full access to a global network of subsidiaries and affiliates. This gives us a competitive advantage in quality and efficiency and enables us to.

• deliver excellent product quality,
• reliably fill orders on short notice,
• provide the highest precision in made-to-measure specifications.








Niels-Bohr-Straße 5 
06749 Bitterfeld

Phone: +49 3493 6040-0
Fax: +49 3493 6040-299

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     Niels-Bohr-Str. 5
     06749 Bitterfeld, Germany
     Tel.: +49 3493 6040220
     Fax: +49 3493 6040299

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