Our Strenghs

REINTECH is focused on maintaining high standards of quality and operating efficiency during the production processes, enabling us to meet the most demanding expectations of our customers.

The quality controls carried out at REINTECH serve to continuously improve:

• the quality of the raw materials,

• the semi-finished products at every stage of the production process,

• the final inspection of the products before they are shipped to our customers.


The detailed documentation of the quality controls of all production processes is constantly checked to ensure that the high quality standards of our products are maintained at all times.

Our primary goal is to establish and maintain business relationships built on trust and we therefore make every effort to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We are committed to delivering to you the benefits provided by our superior quality and reliability. Our global networks, combined with the special strengths of our German team with its excellent technical expertise are committed to perfection in production.

We look forward to becoming your supplier of choice for molybdenum components.

Dr.-Ing. Klaus Andersson

     Niels-Bohr-Str. 5
     06749 Bitterfeld, Germany
     Tel.: +49 3493 6040220
     Fax: +49 3493 6040299
     E-mail: info@reintech.de

ISO 9001

 REINTECH GmbH |Niels-Bohr-Str.5 |06749 Bitterfeld, Germany |Phone: +49 3493 6040-220 |Fax: +49 3493 6040-299 |E-mail: info@reintech.de

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