REINTECH molybdenum products

REINTECH specializes in the production of molybdenum rods and molybdenum electrodes. These are manufactured in Bitterfeld using the highest quality raw materials.

• All products are made according to required specification
• The quality of the chemical and physical properties ensures maximum reliability and precision
• We combine our global network of partners and decades of research and experience with exceptionally high quality raw materials.

REINTECH GmbH has established itself as a reliable supplier of molybdenum components. Customers rely on REINTECH products, in particular because of the high degree of flexibility with regard to delivery dates and modifications to the desired product. Precise manufacturing by trained personnel and the detailed control of intermediate and end products is a top priority at REINTECH. Thus, the number of reference customers is continuously increasing. Since the high chemical and physical requirements for medical technology (molybdenum rods) can be met, it was only the next logical step to gain a foothold in this field of application.

Data sheet Molybdenum Glass Melting Electrodes (PDF, 205 kB)
Data sheet Molybdenum Rods (PDF, 215 kB)

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