Corporate policy

Our employees strive for perfection. The outstanding qualities of the REINTECH team are the result of their great efforts to learn and their many years of experience. We fully realise that our success depends solely on the success our customers achieve with our products. The training and development of our employees is therefore one of the most important investments we make in the future performance of REINTECH.

Close collaboration with the scientific and technical departments of the neighbouring universities and research institutes ensure that our know-how and expertise are always up to date.



We are able to minimise any environmental risks by ensuring strict compliance with government regulations and internal operating rules, which are subject to continuous review and revision. As well as meeting our moral obligation of treating our environment with respect, we have implemented procedural measures to ensure that the prescribed standards are exceeded.

Our strengths lie in our commitment to maintain the highest standards of quality and operating efficiency in all production processes, enabling us to produce products meeting the most demanding expectations of our customers.

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